Dr. Josef-Binh Nguyen

PhD, MD(T.M.-Melb), MAppSc(Acu), MAppSc(RT)

Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (Acupuncturist) and Medical Radiation Practitioner

Dr. Josef-Binh Nguyen is a Dedicated, Compassionate healer and Advocate for Holistic Health, whose life journey has been marked by perseverance, hope, and an unwavering commitment to making a difference. With a profound passion for helping others achieve a balanced and holistic state of health, Dr. Nguyen has always instinctively cared for those around him, nurturing a deep interest in wellness from a young age.

His fascination with Eastern Medicine began during his teenage years through the study of martial arts, which laid the foundation for his illustrious career in medicine and healing. Dr. Nguyen’s academic and professional achievements are a testament to his dedication:

Dr. Nguyen’s innovative research on the application of Energy Medicine (Energy Healing) as a complementary therapy has significantly improved the health-related quality of life for breast cancer patients, earning publication in the prestigious Integrative Medicine journal. His ground-breaking clinical trial at the Royal Adelaide Hospital further explored how a comprehensive wellness program can enhance staff resilience, improve overall health and well-being, and foster positive engagement.

With a unique blend of traditional and modern medical practices, Dr. Nguyen approaches each patient with compassion and a holistic perspective, ensuring that all aspects of their well-being are addressed. Experience the holistic care and expert knowledge of Dr. Josef-Binh Nguyen and embark on your journey to wellness today.

Services include:

Management (Workcover | Non-Workcover)

Pain management (acute | chronic): Musculoskeletal (Neck, Shoulder, Back, Torso, Arm, Hand, Elbow, Leg, Knee, Feet), Plantar Fasciitis, Gout, Sport Injuries, Fibromyalgia.

Special interest: Fertility + IVF Support, Long Covid -19 Symptom Support, Integrative Cancer care Support.


How to Book an Appointment

Please call Hampstead Health Family Practice and speak to reception to may your appointment. Staff will also discuss Dr. Nguyen’s fees at this time.

Phone (08) 8162 9817